When the Butts Only Box    receptacles  were first manufactured in 2007, the city of Carlsbad installed receptacles along the sea wall, at city yards, and at a city park downtown. The city of Oceanside followed by installing receptacles around the harbor and along the strand. Once the patent was received, an application was submitted to Caltrans for product approval. Caltrans approved the product  in 2009 for statewide use at rest areas, vista points, etc. 

Keep America Beautiful funded a pilot program in 2012 to install receptacles at 11 Caltrans rest areas, including the Vista Point at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. The first year the program collected over one million cigarette butts.

In 2012 Cigarette Pollution Solutions joined the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and won "Small business of the year under five employees" and obtained contracts with the city of Las Vegas to install and service receptacles and with the Freeman company to service existing receptacles and furnish reports for both. Last year Caltrans expanded the program from 11 rest areas in 2012 to 45 more rest areas prompting the introduction of the "Butts to Watts   " program to make energy from cigarette waste. The Caltrans rest areas receive over 100 million visitors each year.

We are looking to the future and are working on more alternative sustainability programs that address many concerns simultaneously. Our program strives to use the best available technology to protect the waters of America to the maximum extent practicable. We look forward to working with like minded partners like wavesnotplastic.org to educate the public and offer them sensible solutions at the same time.

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Cigarette Pollution Solutions was founded to help the waters of America by preventing cigarette waste, the number one littered item in the world, from entering our fragile ecosystems. Ken Beckstead founded the company while performing storm water pollution prevention services on construction sites. Once research was done on storm water pollution it became clear that cigarette litter had to be addressed on a large scale in a professional manner.

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