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They also provide you with a monthly statement with a total of butts for the month, a daily average, a total for the year and weights collected.  These statements are useful to water quality inspectors to verify pollutant reductions in runoff water.

Documentation of cigarette butt removal from the environment helps cities comply with storm water regulations. NPDES, a part of the EPA, requires municipalities to document pollution reduction efforts.  Placement of units in high traffic areas coupled with documented servicing on a scheduled basis provides a complete package that helps save the environment as well as time and money in clean up costs. 

At Cigarette Pollution Solutions we offer high quality receptacles and a service program for almost any application.


Cigarette butts are the number one littered item in the world. They're everywhere. Parks, beaches, streets. Everywhere. Trying to keep this litter under control takes a considerable amount of resources. 


Our servicing company, Cigarette Butt Services, is a full service cigarette waste collection company.


They will visit your Butts Only Box    (or your current receptacles) on your predetermined schedule, to empty, clean and maintain the appearance of  the units.



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