We are dedicated to one thing...

the reduction of cigarette and cigar waste.


Cigarette Pollution Solutions presents the Butts Only Box® line of outdoor cigarette and cigar receptacles.
Cigarette butts are the number one littered item in the world.
Our system of cigarette waste collection is scalable from one receptacle to an entire city. Our receptacles are most successful where people smoke most. Parks, beaches, rest areas and sporting events to name just a few. 

We need to protect our ecosystems and precious resources by preventing cigarette waste from entering storm drain systems, thus eliminating various toxins from entering our rivers, streams and ocean.

Our receptacles and service program have collected over 2 million cigarette butts so far. If you have a cigarette litter problem, we can help.


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 by Cigarette Pollution Solutions             


 U.S. Patent No. D618388                                            Made in the U.S.A.


"Think INSIDE the Box"

Let's keep America's waterways beautiful, healthy, and free from these!
This is cigarette and cigar butts that were collected in the Butts Only Boxes in Carlsbad, CA. in one month. The amount of cigarette waste is staggering. 
Click here for link to Waste Advantage Magazine article on Oceanside and Caltrans cigarette litter prevention programs.